The Triple Gems

n Buddhism there is no formal code of prohibitions. A follower of the Buddha lives according to the Buddha's teaching and declares his intention to do so in using the following formula called ''Tisarana' or 'Three Refuges'  Since the full implication cannot be conveyed in short English phrases, it is necessary to consider the Pail words.  They are:   Buddham saranam gacchami,  Dhammam saranam gacchami,  Sangham saranam gacchami. they may be translated word for word as: To the Buddha as a refuge I go, To the Dhamma as a refuge I go, and To the Sangha as a refuge I go

he Truth nature of the Refuges was to be understood as follows that..... the disciple of the Noble Ones is possessed of this clear confidence in the Buddha; the Exalted One is rightly named the Fully-Enlightened One, Perfect in knowledge and conduct, wise as to the words, an incomparable guide to man's self-mastery, happy, a teacher of devas and men, a Buddha,  The Exalted One. The disciple on the Noble Ones is possessed of this clear confidence in the Dhamma: the Dhamma is well-preached by the Exalted One is evident in this life is not subject to time invites every man to come and see for himself, and brings near that which should be known to the wise each for himself. He has this clear confidence in the Sangha: that the Sangha of the followers of the Exalted One is entered on the direct right path. that the Sangha is worthy of offerings, of hospitality, of gifts, or being honored that the Sangha is the incomparable source of merit for the world

The First Refuge: The Buddha, The Exalted One, Worthy One Fully Enlightened One, Perfect One in wisdom and virtue, The Knower of the world,  An Incomparable Guide to man's self-mastery,  A Teacher of God and Man,  The Blessed One.

The Second Refuge: The Dhamma as the liberation law discovered and proclaimed by the Buddha, The Doctrine; Justice, The Constitution (Nature of a Things), The Four Noble Truths.

The Third Refuge: The Sangha, (Congregation) is the name for the Community of Buddhist Monks. As the third of the Three Gems,  It applies to the ariya-sangha, The community of the saints.

Introduction to BUDDHISM

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