Introduction to Buddhist Meditation

uddhist meditation is the way to calm one's mind according to Buddhist teaching. It is trying to set one mind on one-pointedness, it is also the way to control one self and to concentrate the mind. it is the way to purity the mind from unwholesome thoughts such as hatred, selfish desire, greed, ignorance or mental defilement's or impurities of the mind, In short, meditation is the way to purify mind from hatred, greed, and ignorance

In Buddhism, the mind is of primary importance, It is the most important element in the human being. All deeds, wholesome or unwholesome, are the result of processed of the mind,  That is why the Buddha has repeatedly proclaimed that the mind is the forerunner of all actions, the chief of all things, Therefore, the mind should be trained and refined, Meditation helps train and refine the mind, it helps the person who does meditation practice to be mindful at all times of living, Meditation helps everyone at all times to live and work effectively and successfully.

There are two kinds  of Meditation: Concentration Meditation (Samatha Bhavana) and Insight Meditation (Vipassana Bhavana).

Concentration Meditation is try to set your mind on one-pointeness or  focusing your mind on one subject,  It is developed by fixing the mind on a chosen object such as the image of the Buddha or some images, Once we focus our mind on the object for a period of  time,  The mind will temporarily becomes calm. Anger, worry, restlessness, lust doubt are temporarily disappeared or suppressed.

nsight Meditation, it is endeavor to achieve complete insight into re reality of nature of all phenomena, It is realization of underrating all things as they really are.

There are a lot of benefits of meditation; When we meditation, It helps to clam our minds, meditation can strengthen our minds and enable us to face all kinds of problems and difficulties in daily life with confidence, and it also helps us to concentrate better by sharpening our mental faculties.

It frees us from all kinds of stress, worries an anxieties,. It improves our mental and physical health, It helps develop a sound mind in a sound body, Meditation helps in cleansing our minds of impurities. It cultivates in our minds loving-kindness compassion, inner peace, and humility,  It prevent us from attaching to hatred, greed, passion, selfishness, jealousy, and so on

These are the benefits of Buddhist meditation, both in our spiritual life and in worldly endeavors.

Introduction to BUDDHISM

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Last modified: 2006-03-22