Buddhist Lay Ethic

t has already been explained that to become a disciple of Buddha one must believe in the three treasures:  The  Buddha, The Dharma, and The Sangha. to become a lay follower one must have an unshakable faith in Buddha, must believe in His teachings, study and put precepts into practice, and must cherish the Brotherhood (Sangha).

Lay followers should follow the five precepts: not to kill, not to steal, not to commit adultery, not to lie or deceive, and not to use intoxicants.

Lay followers should not only believe in the three treasures and keep the precepts by themselves, but also they should as far as they are able, help others observe them, especially their relatives and friends, trying to awaken in them an unshakable faith in the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha, so they too may share the Buddha's compassion

Lay follower should always remember that  the reason they believe in the three treasures and keep the precepts is to enable themselves ultimately to attain Enlightenment, and for that reason they should, though living in the world of desires, avoid becoming attached to such desires.

Lay followers should always keep in mind that sooner or later they will be obliged to part with their parents and families and pass away from this life of birth and death; therefore, they should not become attached to things of this life but should set their minds on the world of Enlightenment, wherein nothing passes away.

If followers want to awaken an earnest and undisturbed faith in the Buddha's teaching, they should realize within the minds a quiet and undisturbed happiness, that will shine out on all their surroundings and will be reflected back to them

This mind of faith is pure and gentle, always patient and enduring, never arguing, never causing suffering to others but always pondering the three treasures: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. Thus happiness spontaneously rises in their minds, and the light for Enlightenment can be found everywhere.

We will have no fear about our future death since We believe in the birth in Buddha's land. Since We have faith in the truth and the holiness of the teachings. We can express our thoughts freely and without fear

If one wishes to follow the Buddha's teaching one must not be egoistic or self-willed, but should cherish feelings of good-will toward all alike; one should respect those who are worthy of respect; one should serve those who are worthy of service and treat everyone with uniform kindness.

Lay members of the Buddha's sangha should study the following lessons every day: How to serve their parents, how to live with their wives and children, How to control themselves, and how to serve Buddha.

When laymen are giving offerings they should remove all greed from their hearts; when they are in the midst of crowds, their minds should be in the company of wise men; when they face misfortune, they should keep their minds tranquil and free from hindrances.

When We take refuge in the Buddha, We should seek his Wisdom. When We take refuge in the Dharma, We should seek its truth which is like a great ocean of wisdom. When they take refuge in the Sangha, We should seek its peaceful fellowship unobstructed by selfish interests.

As We fall asleep at night, We should wish that our body, speech and mind might be purified and refreshed; when we awake in the morning, We first wish should be that during that day their minds might be clear to understand all things.

And if we all follow all these rules, We will found ourselves lives happiness and peaceful and will attained Enlightenment. 

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